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Note: I want to keep this zine accessible to everyone who needs it! The suggested donation is $5, with tips appreciated, but if you can't afford that you can always get it for free by setting the payment amount to $0.

Are you a young person recently diagnosed with or seeking a diagnosis for a chronic illness? If so (and heck, even if you're a seasoned chronic illness veteran), this zine is for you!

We've created Chronically Badass to help folks hit the ground running as they begin their chronic illness experience. 

Covered inside:

  • Spoon theory
  • Getting answers
  • Working with doctors
  • Work & school
  • Friends & family
  • Reactions
  • Mental health
  • Coping strategies
  • Online communities
  • Mobility

It's affordable for everyone (pay-what-you-can), so be sure to check it out! Please also spread the word so others can find and benefit from this zine.

For more resources and advice, check out the Spoonie Living blog.

The screenreader-friendly edition can be found here.



Diane Murray


My work is always free, so your financial support is extremely valuable!


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 I'm blind it took me 2 years to learn how to use my devices independently. I love gaming but often there's not any or many accessible games I can find and play. I am so happy you made a screen reader friendly version! Most people don't even think about doing so. I have multiple disabilities, chronic illnesses, and mental illnesses so these will be super helpful for me!


Hooray! Thank you for the sweet comment ❤️

Thank you for making it accessible. I'm g lad that I stumbled across your itch.io page and website. Keep up the good work! Hope you have a good day/night.



Hope you have a great day!


Thank you, this helped a lot. ♥

Aw I'm so glad 🥰

This looks like it was developed by angels or smt, it's a very noble work!

Oh 😭😭😭 thank you, you just made my day! ❤️

You are welcome, please keep working on stuff like this